Our Mission

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.

Our Mission on selling dog embroidery apparels and commitment to give it back to help dog

Prof.Doggo was founded by a group of young overseas students that pursued their education in Sydney, Australia. Their goal is to craft a boutique online outlet dedicated to deliver our thirst to adorable dog designs with a touch of student humor in everyday apparels and accessories. Our original designs set us apart from others by delivering you the best quality at lower prices.

And don't worry, although we are based in Sydney, Australia. We realize that there are millions of dog lovers and students around the globe. So we are dedicated to offer our customers FREE SHIPPING to over 180 countries. It is our mission to reach every single dog lover by removing the boundaries and opening up the world to our unique designs so that everyone can repay the affection that our dog gives us every second.

Our Products

We deliver premium apparels and home products designed at our home and headquarters in Sydney Australia. We are committed to only deliver the best quality products, therefore, we are confident that you'll love it. We do offer FREE worldwide shipping and full refunds if you're not satisfied with our items. Feel free to contact us at info@profdoggo.com if you need more information.

Our Commitment

Each year in the United States alone, 2.7 million adoptable dogs and cats are euthanized simply due to too many pets accommodating the shelters and only a few people considering adoption when looking for a pet. Tragically, too many of them end up in the shelter and it's not even their fault (human divorce or move). 

Prof.Doggo is clearly aware of this situation, therefore, we are committed to donate 10% of profits on all products that we sell to help pets around the world so they have a second chance. It's a big task to return their love, not one we can tackle alone, but together we can and we will.

Sad pug